Infection Control

In line with our accreditation by Joint Commission International we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standard of Infection Control practices, to the benefit of all staff, patients and visitors. Each Beacon Renal clinic has a designated Infection Control Nurse who specialises in ensuring that the risk of infection is minimised in order to deliver a safe and effective treatment. Stringent Infection control is important to ensure your safety and wellbeing is preserved. It is the responsibility of staff, patients and visitors to ensure practices are maintained and that a clean healthy environment is achieved.

To assist you, we have detailed steps below to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Please wash your hands, and use the hand gels located throughout the clinic.
  • Please disinfect your hands each time you enter or the leave clinical areas.
  • Please ask a member of staff to demonstrate if you are unsure how to use it.
  • Please wash you Fistula/Graft arm prior to sitting in your chair with the antimicrobial solution provided.
  • Please use a glove when holding your needle sites after removal, as blood can be present on your fingers. This will prevent your blood transferring to surfaces within the clinic and reduce infection risks.
  • Please place all belongings in the lockers provided and not on the floor as they are a trip hazard.
  • Do not store food in or on lockers unless the food is in airtight container or wrapping.
  • If you have developed diarrhoea or vomiting at any stage, please phone the clinic ahead of treatment so that infection prevention measures can be put in place to protect other patients and staff.